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Scott & Jeff grew up on small farms in Tyler, Texas. Scott showed cutting horses while Jeff raised show cattle. Throughout their upbringing they were introduced to naturally raised beef. They'd spend hours talking about one day raising their own beef cattle.

After returning from Texas A&M and Texas Tech respectively, they picked up the conversation. They started raising beef using different breeds, timelines and grain combinations.


As they were doing this a phenomenon happened, more and more of their family and friends were lining up, wanting their beef. 

So in 2014, they launched Cut Beef, with A name that was chosen for it's simplicity in representing these two and their beef!

They took their acquired business knowledge and experience and applied it to raising natural beef, and simply put, it is delicious!


Scott would be responsible for getting the word out about Cut beef, and Jeff would make sure every single bite was delicious!  

"Back to the basics? We never left!"

Scott Herod

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