Our Story

J Scott & Jeff grew up on small farms in Tyler, Texas. J Scott showed horses while Jeff raised show cattle. Through their upbringing they were introduced to natural beef, free of hormones and antibiotics. They would spend hours talking about raising beef cattle, that were humanely treated.


Questions like:

What could we do better?

What could we eliminate?

After returning from Texas A&M and Texas Tech, 

respectfully, they picked up the conversation once again. They started combining different breeds, timelines, and grain combinations.


As they were doing this, a phenomenon began

to happen, more and more of their family and friends were lining up, wanting their beef. 

So in 2014, they launched Cut Beef.

A name that was chosen for the patron,

simple like these two,

but even more like the ingredients.

They took their acquired business knowledge and experience in raising delicious natural beef,

and simply married the two together.

J Scott would then get the word out about their naturally-raised beef, and Jeff would then make sure that every single bite of Cut Beef was in fact;

natural and delicious.  

"Back to the basics? We never left!"

- J Scott Herod



Cut Beef cattle are raised on the ranches of J Scott Herod & Jeff A Munn in Tyler, Texas. These two have been lifelong friends,

have an insatiable appetite for beef and enjoy constantly striving to perfect it.



  Cut Beef is only processed in USDA inspected plants. Our beef is vacuum-sealed for flavor and freshness.

The Cut Beef team will never compromise on packaging, because the day you eat it, 

is the day you judge it.



We take pride in how Cut Beef cattle are raised and cared for. Our cattle enjoy lush coastal pastures, averaging 4 acres per head. We finish our cattle 2 ways,

100% Grass or Grain Finished.

The decision is yours!

The Cut Beef Way

With no exceptions, we only sell USDA inspected beef. We give back 10% of our profits to youth agricultural organizations, events, or local charities. 

Providing compassion to our cattle is more important to us than the pursuit of profits. We know we can do both!  

We are committed to providing access to our naturally-raised products for all patrons, regardless of their background and without compromising quality.


That’s how it’s done ’round here!

Always Compassion Over Profits

Always Giving Back 10%

Always USDA Inspected

Always Guaranteed

Always Accessible