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What Folks Are Saying About Us:

There are three things that set Cut Beef apart for me: the fact that they are local ranchers with local beef, the quality of their meat, and their service. I’ve cooked their steaks, brisket, and ground beef. All of it has been great, definitely five stars. They went the extra mile to make sure I had a fine brisket for a last-minute Mother’s Day gathering. They cut the brisket one morning, delivered it that afternoon, and I had it on the smoker a few hours later just in time for the event.

My wife and I bought a side of beef from Cut Beef last summer. We are very impressed at the flavor it has over the commercialized product we had been eating. On more than one occasion, we have thanked the Lord for that calf during our blessing.

- Todd K.
     Tyler, TX

- Danny B.  
    Whitehouse, TX

We decided to try Cut Beef last spring and we have always been very selective on our beef selections. My wife is a dietitian and grass-fed organic beef is what drew us to Cut Beef. The flavor and quality were far better than any other beef we have bought. As a bonus, we actually saved money from buying beef at the grocery store. We keep it in stock at our house and when guests are served Cut Beef, they are always complimentary. My parents tried it and are now loyal customers. We definitely recommend Cut Beef.

Our family likes to know that our meat is healthy and local. We love the taste of Cut Beef and enjoy having a freezer full of various cuts.  We spend less money than going out to eat, it tastes better and it is convenient with three kids to have a solid protein available when we need it.

- Jacob & Amber G.
       Plano, TX

- Heath & Amy D.  
      Colleyville, TX

We couldn’t be happier.  Have cooked several NY strips and hamburgers. Delicious!!  We’re hooked!  Thanks for producing a great product and providing wonderful service.

We only buy our meat from Cut beef now! The service is bar none as well as the meat! It's a wonderful feeling to know what we are feeding our children. Their's and our health is extremely important to us. Thanks Cut Beef!

- Charles & Maureen S.
     Tyler, TX

- Lindsey B.
     Tyler, TX

This is where we purchase all of our beef now! Easy to order, pay, and pickup. Love that it's local and grass-fed. So glad I came across Cut Beef!

Excellent service and communication. Quality product.

-Tiffany B.
     Tyler, TX

-Jessica R. 

    Tyler, TX


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