Half - 200lbs

Half - 200lbs


200lbs of beef. Vacuum sealed & gauranteed fresh for one year!! Appx 7 cubic feet feet of freezer space needed. Don't have the freezer space? 



100lbs of Ground Beef

10 Ribeyes 12oz ea

10 NY Strips 12oz ea

8 Filets 8oz ea

8-10 Sirloin 12oz ea

6-8 Roasts 2-3lbs ea

2-3pkgs of Fajita Meat 2-4lbs ea

4-5pkgs of Burger Patties (4/pkg)

4-5pkgs of 1/4lb Cutlets Tenderized (4/pkg)

2pkgs Stew Meat

1 Brisket 

4 Beef Ribs




    You can order 1/2 of a beef carcass thenwe will communicate directly with you to plan delivery or pick up.