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Includes: This was the first "smaller" package we ever introduced to go along with our legends - The Quarter, Half and Whole. To offer a sample of our beef was the idea, but what it became is one of the best gifts a friend or family member can receive! And it's still a great sample package for those of you wanting to try us, or don't need larger packages. The reasons this package is so popular vary, but what doesn't vary is what it is, and that's just over 10lbs of TENder deliciousness! Hence the name. This package is our uniquely Pasture Raised Grain Finished Beef raised primarily on the adjoining Herod 5 (H5) and Bar Munn Ranches in Tyler, Texas. All of our beef is individually vacuum sealed for freshness and gauranteed for deliciousness! That word delicious keeps coming up! All items are individually packaged unless otherwise noted. 


5lbs Ground Beef 85/15 - 1lb ea 

Choose 2 Premium Steaks (Ribeyes, NY Strips or Filets) 

2 Sirloin Steaks 12oz ea

1pkg Cutlet Steaks 4oz 4/pk (1lb) 

1 Boneless Chuck Roast @3lbs 

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