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400lbs plus of our famous Pasture Raised Grain Finished Beef. Every cut is vacuum sealed for freshness and guaranteed for happiness! If you'd like to modify your Whole Cow please contact us at 903.405.7400 or


200 Ground Beef at 85/15 at 1lb ea

20-22 Ribeye Steaks at 12oz  

20-22 NY Strip Steaks at 12oz 

14-16 Tenderloin Filet Steaks at 6oz 

20-22 Top Butt Sirloin Steaks at 12oz  

8-10 Boneless Chuck Roasts at 3lb ea

10pkg Burger Patties 4/pk at 8oz ea

10pkg Cutlet Steaks 4/pk at 4oz ea

6-8pkg Stew Meat 

4-6pkg Fajita Steak Meat 

14-16pkg Beef Short Ribs at 3 per pkg

2 Briskets at avg 13 to 15lbs


Available upon request:

  • Organ Meat
  • Soup Bones aka Osso Bucco
  • Tongue -
  • Femur Bones - Bagged at 6" ea & canoed
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