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Welcome to 100% grass Fed Beef! 

Our Grass Fed beef is raised on the beautiful J1 Ranch in Athens, Texas by the Johnson's. This amazing 4th gen ranching family raises some the highest quality grass fed beef anywhere, utilizing regenerative agriculture principles including adaptive grazing! the quintessential example of what grass fed beef is suppose to be! these cattle graze only the best salad bars in East Texas! a summer blend of cowpeas, mung beans, sorghum Sudan, buckwheat and forage collard. and ensuring good winter forage for proper nutritional health is key, hence cereal rye, turnips, baluns clover and oats! 
you are what you eat - eats!

Next steps

 Select your Beef! 
2. at check out, select pick up at the hq or have it shipped. 
(We happILy estimate shipping before ordering. please call 903.405.7400)
3. You'll receive a confirmation email after ordering.  
4. when your order is READY we'll message you.
5. call or email with questions at any time.  
6. most orders are fulfilled within two weeks. 

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