Pasture Raised

We raise our cattle in Tyler, TX

in lush coastal pastures, not feedlots.

We believe good beef should start and stay simple.


No Antibiotics | No Hormones 

Chicken, Pork & More

In 2018, we began offering other proteins that

fit our model - pasture raised, no junk.

We now proudly help local farmers

bring their product to the table! 

Dry Aged 

We dry age all of our beef a minimum

of 21 days. Why doesn't everyone dry age their beef? Money. We believe the difference is in the details and to us this is a huge detail. 

Grass or Grain Finished

Because we believe both have a

place at the table we offer:

100% Grass Finished


Grain Finished Beef. 


Retail Store &
Pick-up Location

Cut Beef HQ
4517 Old Bullard Tyler, TX

HQ Hours
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We’re proud to donate 10% of our annual profits to charities.